Allie is the reason the Buckeye Samoyed Rescue group got themselves organized again.  After Marietta passed we all realized we needed to recreate BSR but figured we had some time to get it all figured out.  Then we got a call from a shelter in Wooster stating they had a stray pick-up that they thought was a samoyed.  Peggy Baluch was able to get the dog the next day.  The shelter named her Alaska but we agreed that sounded more like a boys name so we renamed her Allie.  Allie came to us in horrible condition, her coat was matted and dirty, she had a bad ear infection and her teeth were in HORRID condition.  The smell from her mouth literally made you gag.  She was such a sweet girl though, despite the pain she must have been in.  She could barely walk which I think is likely due to the ear infection making her dizzy (watching her walk was like watching a drunk person stumble about).   Steve took her in to foster her at first but she just couldn't do stairs which doesn't work well in a split level home.  After an initial vet visit Steve took Allie back to stay with Peggy.  The vet was AMAZING and took care of the surgery removing 26 of her teeth.  While she was under anesthesia the techs at the office also did a huge amount of the grooming to get her coat in better condition.  After a few weeks of recovery Allie was ready for adoption.  She found a fantastic forever home and is doing great (the picture shown is Allie in her new home).


Unfortunately not long after Allie went to her home she was found to have cancer and had to be put down due to her discomfort.

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Last updated Feb 4 2019